Sunday, June 5, 2011

//beautiful are those who welcome\

  They are just as kind and beautiful as I had imagined them.
  Ronald and I left early, when the sun was just above the mirrored walls of the sky-tall buildings. Quite easy it was for me to track the two right up to their overgrown place of rest.
  My Brother was still uneasy, although I was feeling quite the same way. A brisk knock to the wooden door, of which I was afraid of being crushed by, and a woman appeared who I immediately knew to be Mystery. I admit, never have I once met a person considered a Sibling, of the opposing side no less, who I truly cared for and knew was in danger. As a bonus, I am not very skilled at containing my emotions and affection...In short, the moment her face appeared behind the eroded door, a pounced up and clung to her like a little leech. Falling to the ground caused her to slightly injure her head, but she laughed nevertheless.
  I loved receiving hugs from them. They are so soft and warm, they smell of happiness. Shady had been resting inside, her eyes closed and unaware of my presence...Until I jumped atop her as I would mount a traveling animal and smothered her in appraisal and uncomfortable embraces. Her expression was humorously surprised.
  My lovely Lady! Her voice is a beacon in the dark. Hard, I sensed pain in almost each word she spoke, but they were wise. She is beautiful too. Her hair is soft like cotton, a rainbow of colors and a willowy veil. She and Mystery are a pair, though tense is the atmosphere between them. Hard times we dwell in today, but I hope tomorrow may change this. I wish to have freedom with these women and fun also.
  Ronald was quiet mostly, though he shook hands formally with my Siblings and introduced himself. I hope he had not frightened them...

"My Lady, Mystery! I have brought along with us much ice creams to please you satisfaction!"
  Twelve boxes of tightly-packed ice cream squares, melted in the heat while traversing to this place.

"Uh, Trinity...They've all melted."
"Oh goodness! I do apologize greatly, my Lady! Are you angry at me?"
"No! I'm not angry. We have more ice cream here that we got for you anyway."
"Such immense kindness you posses, Shady! I am happy to have met you. And I do have a plan."
"A plan?"
"Yes! Now that this ice creams has transformed itself from a creamy solid to a nutritional liquid, its usefulness has not been taken away! May it quench your thirst and provide energy for your everyday life."

  They do so find me entertaining, I believe, but I was not allowed to drink the ice creams Ronald bought for them.

"It's not good for your body to eat that much ice cream, Trina. It has too much sugar and not enough vitamins and other good stuff to be considered a healthy food. It's better if you only eat a little once in a while." Mystery told me.

  Another guest, whom I had clearly forgotten, stayed in a little cramped section of the place. Chains were bound to his wrists and ankles, though he was aware of our presence, and able to move about to a certain point. Sunshine was fuzzy, although quite a bit unclean with an awful stench. I would probably say his scent was that of a wild creature, one that enjoyed to bathe itself in a soothing mixture of fresh mud and bat guano. Unpleasant.
  The thing's cement eyes locked on with my own, as I felt Ronald shift protectively. Sunshine only slightly growled at him, his eyes giving a look of warning. I tried to reach out and touch his head, but Shady and Mystery looked worried. It went into another dark corner, and we left again.

  I am eating more ice creams now with Mystery, Shady and Ronald are not hungry. They are sitting nearby though, and they let me tell them about all the very fun things I've done outside the cage. Soon I will rest, having been offered to share space with Mystery as well. Ronald has not spoken for a while, but I assume he is aware of where he is to rest at night.
  I cannot wait until tomorrow arrives!

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  1. I am glad to see you're enjoying your time with us, Trinity. You'll have to be wary of Mr. Sunshine for the moment, until we figure him out a bit more. I do not recommend petting, my dear. Mystery will no doubt go shopping for some other grub, you and Ronald need a good meal that isn't just ice cream. Silly dear. I'll be bringing some cots and more blankets for everyone, we don't go camping anymore so they should go without being noticed by the kin. Besides, my new kin here need them more.

    I'm so very happy you and Ronald are with us. It makes this base of ours feel a little more full, like a home I can relax within. I hope you and Ronald can as well, we will do everything we can to see to it you are comfortable and safe.