Thursday, July 28, 2011

//I am sorry\

  I will not be an emotional mess any longer. I will not burden my Ladies, who take good care of me and house me without any requests in return.

  I remember when I first began to speak with my lovely adviser, my Shady. She was my only company inside the Cage. She is still here now, with me, along with Mystery, and Lullaby, and now Timothy is here too. He does not hate me, in spite of what pain I have caused him in the past. I promise I will make it up to all of you. And to everyone who is troubled as we are. To Ronald as well.

  I am sorry for doubting you, Lady Lullaby. I am sorry for almost losing faith in you, Shady. I am sorry for changing myself, Mystery. I am sorry for not believing in you, Timothy.
  I am sorry for letting your troubles go to waste, dear, sweet Brother. I will make it up to you. I will protect everyone.


  1. Trina... just be a child. Have the fun you were denied growing up the way you did. We would all be happy simply to hear you laugh and see you play.

  2. Trinity..Its ok..I got an idea of what you are going through. I do not hate you..I could never hate you.

    Ne, how about we play together more! I love games, we can do anything you would like

  3. Yes! I would be happy to play with you...Maybe Tim can too. Or perhaps you would like to come with me to the shop, since it has been a while since we last purchased some ice creams?

  4. Beautiful Trinity, live your life to the fullest. Find happiness in everything that you can and cherish it.

    I should drive you two to pick up ice cream to bring home for everyone. We can do it anytime.

  5. Sounds good, let us do that for sure:D. I would enjoy a friends like you very much.