Wednesday, May 18, 2011


            The Hallowed children are no fun.
     Earlier I was released from the cage, just as Ronald assured I would be. Still I am not permitted to go into the nature outdoors, but at least I have space to move about. The Siblings must be busy tonight. They seemed to all be away on business, as there were only about fifteen or so while I was being escorted through the hallways.
     A Brother was leading me towards the room where I would be allowed to see my Father for the second time this past three months or so. There were other little cages, more like crates, lined up against a wall, and the Brother never stopped me from peering inside them while we walked. Crammed within each were two people of the same gender. They didn't have the appearance of Runners or Hallowed, but they didn't seem to be Proxies either. I was certain they were definitely not dead, therefore I am currently unaware as to what exactly they would be classified as.
     I met Father in that petite little room with the crimson painted door. There were other Siblings in the room as well, about four of them. I only recognized two of them, a Brother that wore a wide, appealing white mask and a hood, as well as a Sister who's distinct appearance caused me to identify her as one of the Hallowed, rather than a willing server of my Father.
     A wooden stool rested in the center of the meeting place, adjacent to Father's. Four other chairs were placed around the room for each of the Siblings. Two were set beside me, and two beside Father. I knew by instinct that my Father was pleased with me; His presence lingered with positive evaluation. I admit I was a bit anxious at first though, it had been about a month since the cage door was last opened and welcoming hands gestured me outside the wire and stone that was given to me by the same hands that now reached out for me. I wished for Ronald to accompany me in the occupied chair.
     Father approved of me. A new task was given to me that I must accomplish within seven days, or I have been threatened with more punishment. Another document is needed, more information to download. 
     I will surely be punished soon. What an honor it was to be praised by Father, something I had never truly accomplished before, and I had experienced an emotion I hadn't in quite some time. I took my Father's hand with great affection, and the Siblings slapped me. Father watched, but I believe He called them away. The masked Brother was beginning to lash me again, although he receded at Father's direction.
     I was then led into another room. I know this place almost too well, with it's broad black door and crude label. It is my special room, meant exclusively for Ronald and I. He was already inside waiting for me to arrive and when I did, after the Siblings that escorted me left, he allowed me to quickly embrace him. It is always painful to receive a new memory, although Ronald promised to me that he would make an effort for it to be fast.
     Years, that is the amount of time has passed since I last received a reward for my work. The Siblings permitted me to stay outside the cage for a while. A Brother informed me that I may be allowed to sleep outside the cage, possibly in a vacant room across from one of my Sisters'. This was merely a possibility, so I swore not to raise my hopes high and have them proved false. Instead I would cherish my time in Father's home and live these few hours as full as I could. The Brother's information was indeed correct, as I was notified by him and another later on that I would be staying overnight outside of the cage. The room plans have changed however, tonight I shall barrow the sacrificial room of one of my Brothers. I had assumed he was one of the Proxies, on duty during dark hours.
     The children that stay here with Father and the Siblings are primarily Hallowed, although a few of them still have the knowledge to speak in a fairly understandable way. So I assume they would be classified as non-Hallowed, perhaps Proxied. I spoke with one, a female who titled herself "Merry", and a boy that was supposedly unnamed. Merry was hard to hear as she was so quiet compared to Ronald and one of the other children. She spoke of my job, stating her opinion that I was "lucky" to receive the honor of appraisal from her Master. Unnamed agreed, but remained silent other than with nods and other gestures of concurrence. The rest of the Hallowed were of no interest to me, and I ignored them all.
     The Brother with whom I temporarily share a place of rest has been confirmed a night worker, promised to be absent from Father's house even when I awaken. He will not return until I am absent as well, returned to my cage to finish the assignment I was given. In the morning, the glass portal beside Brother's dirty mattress will be bright with promise. Especially anticipated am I to witness the supposed glory of the sun, sounding so different from the empty heat lights above my head when I sit in confinement. Tomorrow is tomorrow.

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  1. Glad to see you have the chance to stretch your legs... Or so to speak.

    Sleep well, dear.