Wednesday, May 18, 2011


     "Here" is necessary for my work. I need "this" in order to do certain things that I am assigned to do. So, yes, I suppose it would be to "seek out something". Unlike most of Father's other Children, though, I did not create this to "spread" anything. I did not create it for any "mission" I was assigned to. Like I mentioned before, I am lonely down here. Everyone else is either dead, nearly dead, or long gone. I have no entertainment but "this", and even then I am restricted from games and music. I suppose you could then say that "this" is indeed my only form of entertainment, hmm?
     I used to be free to move around outside like the others. The first three or so years of my service to Father was outside of this cage, tolerable and almost enjoyable at times. Slowly, I was beginning to be separated from the other young children. I wasn't allowed to see them anymore, but back then it didn't bother me. I was still very small. When it reached the point that I was restricted to seeing only the Siblings and Ronald, I began using games to make up for the fact that I had no association with anyone within my age group. They grew angry when I took breaks to play, so they often punished me, as they still do. I stopped at one point, and from then on I worked and did nothing but work. After I worked, I would play one game. Then I would be given another job. Hmm, and I thought I was doing well? Still I don't understand why I am caged, but I cannot do anything about it.

     Let me clarify why I am telling you this, hmm? I have only just explained two things: Why I am permitted to linger anywhere but where the documents are kept, and When I was caged. I admit I extended my answer on your second inquiry, but do not assume that I am leisurely handing out information.
     I do not particularly enjoy saying this, but I am aware that Father has more important things than me. Whether I tell you when and why I am here makes no difference to him, as long as I do not give you access to the files. As long as I do my job, succeed, and protect the information I collect, what I post about myself is of no importance.


  1. I wouldn't assume you were handing out information in such a way. There is more to you than that, as there is with anyone. Whether or not your Father cares about you answering my questions or anyone elses really matters little to me. In a majority of cases, at least. Still, answering my curiosities is appreciated. So thank you for taking the time to type it.

    In any case I hope you find some "entertainment" or company in those through the screen you stare at.

  2. I am glad you understand me and take the time to listen as well. I doubt I will ever find permanent "entertainment", although I appreciate that you at least bothered to entertain and keep me company for a short while.

    And I hope you find the courage to trust again, Shady. Perhaps I may speak with you again in the future.

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  3. I do not understand you, Trinity, I am trying to. I'm not so arrogant to believe I could learn you so quickly. Everyone is unique, different, and individual. You are no exception. I would not mind keeping you company here, and speaking in the future more is welcoming on my behalf as well.

    Yes... Trust. Thank you, I hope as well.
    And for the cryptic words, they made me all the more curious once I decoded it.

    Till your next post and till my next inquiry then, yes?

    Stay safe, you're not as alone as you may feel or think,