Tuesday, May 17, 2011

//File 4// ERR(X)R

     I have been punished again. The Siblings found my games, and lashed me for it. One, a Sister, came down to teach me how to speak like a "young lady". Do you think I speak like an old lady? Hmm?
     Another "mission" was assigned to me. Another document, shrouded in protective security codes, that Ronald reassures are "already programed in my memory, so they will be easy to hack". I do hope he is correct, these don't look familiar at all.
     I was punished again. The Siblings found my music and deleted it all, and lashed me for it. Music is forbidden. I asked them:

"What should I do then, hmm? What do I do while I am down here all alone, with no entertainment?"
"You do not need entertainment, boy. Practice."
"Practice what? Hmm?"

     They never answer my questions. Perhaps they can not hear me through the tiny hole in the ceiling from which they speak. Perhaps they should let me out, so they could understand my words better. Perhaps I should not be locked up anymore, hmm?
     I have better news now! Soon I will be seeing my Father. I know I have done nothing wrong, Ronald has told me so. That must mean he is pleased with my work. Maybe he will let me out for a while. Maybe I will be permitted to see the other children. Perhaps I will be able to see Ronald.


  1. Why were you caged in the first place?

  2. I am forbidden to affiliate with anyone but the Siblings. I was never directly told why, though I have tried asking Ronald many times. I have a few theories. Perhaps they do not want me to become attached to anyone, although that would be silly. I could always become attached through technology.

    Or perhaps it is because of my gift. A Brother once said that I was a secret, and that I must keep myself a secret. Maybe they do not want me to speak of it in public, hmm?

    Or maybe this is another punishment. A lesson they wish to teach me so that I do not use technology for my own entertainment. I used to like to play games when I was not assigned to any task, but they monitor what I do. They are too clever to let me get away with that anymore. Sometimes I wish they were ignorant.

  3. It's interesting they let you on here to begin with then. Becoming attached makes sense, a way to keep you dependent on them. If they wanted you a secret they would have kept you away from the world in general. A physical secret works, but on here you are exposing yourself, with lies or truths. What would this be if not entertainment for you? A method to seek out something, spread something? There are variables to consider.

    How long have you been caged?