Monday, May 16, 2011


    Orders have been handed out; instructions set; everyone knows where they rank.

     Hmm, how I've wished for something more! My talent is far superior to those incompetent fools! Why do I sit here all day, hmm, when I could be outside these walls? These boundaries set for me do not know anything about my capabilities. Hmm? Do they? They do not.
      Only once have I been released, and that was just to do what anyone could have done. Hmm, but they wanted me to do it! For they knew only I would have an effect on him! Hmm, and it did work out well for them, but once that was over with, I was thrown back in here...
     With my talents and skills, I know I could be somewhere better off. Hmm? Couldn't I be? It's dark in here, and I'm lonely. Hmm, is anyone else ever going to know I exist down here? I do not think they will. 
     But I am the daughter of He that is known by everyone! Would he ever wish that his precious little girl lay down in the damp, dark tunnel where they keep the rotting corpses of stubborn Runners? Hmm? I am not a Runner! I am their secret weapon! I remember what Ronald told me. He said I was the one that would come out in the end, when everything fell and there was nothing left to do. He said I would release myself and be our savior. Sometimes I think there will never be a time with nothing left to do.
     Please let me out! Hmm? I'm scared down here, and there are noises that come from the corner! The food is bad and it smells terrible! Please let me out?

     Hmm? Why am I suddenly on the list? Could it be my own mind creating these images to fool me? Hmm? Answer me, Executor! Are you hacking my brain?


  1. Trinity: You are not on my list therefore you are of no interest to me. I have a job to do with those that resist and those that will be His. Do not drag my attention away like this again or you will be punished severely. Do well at your job and maybe someday you will be let free from your cage. Farewell.

  2. That's a dick move, Executor. Perhaps this one is confused or curious, ever think of that, eh?You shouldn't underestimate those you do not know nor have taken interest in figuring out. So narrow minded.

    Why are you calling out to this bland bastard? You said they called you a savior, interesting. I wonder just what would really happen if you were let out.

  3. The sole purpose of my existence is to find the hidden files and documents and access them. Sometimes they are very easy to break into, but other times it is more difficult. I swear I try my best to conceal my identity, to download the information and bring it to the Siblings, because I am not allowed to bring it to Father myself. But sometimes it's hard. Sometimes I can't.

    Hmm, yes, Ronald said I would be our savior. Sometimes I don't believe him, though. I cannot fight, like the others, for I am too weak. I cannot enter someone's mind, for I am not blessed with such talent. I cannot strike fear into their heart, for I am too small. I can only sit in my little cage and wait to be set free.