Monday, May 16, 2011

//File 3//

Fri., Nov. 16, 07

     A case was reported: ATTEMPTED HOMICIDE.

Victim Name: Lisa McNulty
Age: 15
Date of Event: Friday, November 16
Location: Winnemucca, Nevada

     McNulty's mother called in this morning, reporting that her daughter was attacked just 15 minutes prier to her call. Arrived at the house immediately, and left to bring McNulty to the hospital with minor injuries.

     Left McNulty with the doctors to check up, came back in 20 minutes to speak privately with the victim:

TX: Where were you attacked?
M: I-It was by the corner store on Bridge Street...
TX: Do you remember what the attacker looked like?
M: No...Kind of...I remember he wore a suit, and I'm pretty sure he was bald. I think.
TX: Did they carry any weapon at all?
M: No, I don't think so. But I also remember he was really tall.
TX: Can you estimate how tall?
M: Unusually tall...about...7 feet maybe?
TX: Okay...When you got away, did you see where he went?
M: No. That's what confuses me...As soon as I got up, I looked, and it was like he disappeared. So I just ran.
TX: You did the right thing, Lisa. Thank you for your time. Stay safe.

   Took notes as the victim spoke, then left her with her mother and headed back to HQ.

   Gathered useful information. The suspect is a man, tall, supposedly unarmed, yet still dangerous, bald, was wearing a business suit at the time said attack happened, and has escaped.

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