Wednesday, May 11, 2011

//File 2//

Thurs., Nov. 15, 07

     A case was reported: MISSING PERSON.

Name: Jonathon Brooke
Age: 21
Last seen; date: Thursday, November 8
Last seen; location: 663 State Street; Winnemucca, Nevada 

     According to Brooke's friend and roommate, Evan George, the missing suspect planned a trip to Ohio for the weekend. George called, reporting he had tried to contact Brooke, but never got an answer.

    Contacted Ohio authorities. Brooke was fined on Tuesday, November 13 for speeding. Nothing else was reported. Nothing out of the ordinary.

    George called again. This time, he said Brooke was supposed to return last Monday.
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  Ohio state officials contacted us. Reported finding Brooke's body in a forest in Cincinnati. The body was examined. No fingerprints, cuts, bruises, or any damage to the insides. Nothing.

  The body will be examined further.
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   Something found on the body. Left side of the liver. A black mark was found, probably burned into the skin. An 'X'. Small 'O' through the center.

   Our researchers studied the mark and found a name for it. We think this killer, if Brooke was indeed a victim of homicide, may be playing a little game with us.
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23/tcp .open telnet
24/tcp .open sntp

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