Sunday, May 22, 2011

//nature lays beyond these hills of stone\

  I must speak softly now, for if my voice is heard by those who seek to slaughter the clever creature that runs in fields of her hair, I would receive much more than a quick lash or two to the chest. These patches of rustling dirty pale seem to expand forever on the horizon, though the sun, lifting out of the soil so slowly, lightens the color. Dotted here and there are little prickly plants, too big to be bushes but not quite trees, although that is what they would most likely be classified as. Their widely spread needles prove useful as coverage for my face, already hidden behind a crudely constructed, dirt-covered mask the color of the ground I trudge on.
  Yes, despite what recent punishments I have been given, the Siblings still allow me to stay outside the cage, the longest I have been since perhaps three or so years before this one. There were no chains to claw, saw, or burn through, although all three methods of escape would have proved worthless either way. An easy option was just at the foot of the doorstep, nature was awaiting us just beyond those rolling hills of stone an rotting scent of death. The air is almost difficult to become accustomed to once you have lived inside a cage under the soil for so many months, only once every couple given a chance to see the true light of day and breath in fresh oxygen never yet shared with another. A true feeling of joy, I would call it. With this joy comes the worry of those who pursue.
  No longer can they access what I say, what I do, who I choose to love and who to hate. It must be clear what side I have chosen to join and which to abandon. Although, this does not mean I wish to stir trouble with the Siblings - yet. For now I will put to use what information I have already gathered. The Executor has had no trouble stating what general location he holds my Shady captive, as he has yet to specify which region, city, building she is being held within. No worries, though! Once I reach this place, I will begin to zoom into what has been released to the enraged public, and extract whatever I can from it. "Words speak a thousand pictures" do they not? Merely one word shall tell me where to find our Lady of the Shade, and if not, there are many more options. I, too, am skilled at my job, dear Brother, and you mustn't forget that either. This is not a threat, simply a suggestion. It may assist you sooner or later.
  I also forgot to add that Ronald has joined me on this adventurous journey to the state in which our wise advisor is being kept prisoner. Numbers provide protection, do they not? On another note, you mustn't think me to be rushing ahead of myself into the dark, where I cannot see what lies ahead of me. Not all has been planned out, though much of it has. We both are aware that we may lay vulnerable to our Brother's "talent" if at any moment should we be forced to confront him for our Lady's sake. Ronald's mind is not strong, he has but a small child's mind. Not much pain haunts him, and there would be less to use against him, but the suffering and physical pain could shatter him quickly. He is capable of protecting himself from those who wish harm to come of us, though, so as long as he may fend off attackers, not much damage would come of him.
  Therefore I am not as worried for my Ronald as I am for Mystery, who has made the choice to dive into heroism on their own. I am unaware of how this one's mind works, but with so many decades of death and pain backing up on those Mystery suffers today, their mind would clearly be at a disadvantage, if the Executor managed to break through those mental barriers and enter their thoughts. Still, I continue to remain fearful for Shady, who all this has been done for, but I must also admit something I would rather not state, but must. I am not as strong as the others. They surely must be worried for their own safety, perhaps not as much as those they love, but if at all then they must. I shall not force myself to pretend to be the savior that will provide the light when all is dark. Today and tomorrow and every day until our lovely Shady is recovered I will be her lantern, but I am not a savior. I am not a hero.
  Another detail I must admit, mainly for myself, is that I am aware of how unstable my mind truly is. At any point it may crumble from what stress has been layered upon layers and layers and more stress, and anxiety. How hard I have worked myself to build a sturdy bridge over this weak spot. Still, construction continues, my mind is not protected by strong will and resistance against intruders. Physical pain does frighten me, but it is nothing compared to loneliness. I know this for certain. There cannot be a greater feeling suffering than to be dragged away from society or know that someone you love is in pain, and there is nothing to do to help it but put yourself in that person's place. Even then, that might fail, and your life will have been a waste of energy.
  Knowing whatever pain there must be for every year of my life I can remember, I am almost positive that whatever memories may be brought up would take little to no effect on my mental condition. Although, I am not an expert on dreams as our dear Brother is, and whether physical injuries appear in dreams is unknown to me. If, in fact, this theory is correct, any wound that may slow me down in reality could possibly slow me down in a dream or thought. That would mean trouble for myself, as I am already still small and weak against the Siblings, even those Ronald's age. Reading that one managed to cut open our Shady's limb right down to the bone, I can be certain that if matched against one this level of strength or dexterity that I would most likely be killed with merely the flick of one's wrist. "Before I could even say 'Uncle'."
  After analyzing over where I would stand against my advisor's captors, I can now plan ahead using what situation would most likely occur, if I should ever reach the point of coming into contact with the Siblings that watch her so carefully. One possibility that could either prove fatal or surprisingly affective would be to just "wing it", to merely improvise should something totally unexpected happen that I was completely unprepared for. My best guess right now is that I will only reach so far as to somehow track their location, reach the point, and be killed before entering the room, if it is one, where my Lady is being tortured. It seems most likely, does it not? Well, I assume that for now I shall simply continue onward after a quick rest and put forth my strongest effort to help the one who is in pain and suffering.

  I wish you, Mystery, a splendid rest so that you may recover all energy needed to help locate our hidden ally, and Shady as well, so that she may hold on to faith and try hard to endure what pain is pushed down on her body. And lastly, Executor, charming Sibling. May you awake in the morning refreshed and ready to inflict more pain and suffering upon another with your beastly, unforgiving clawed hands. Do not forget to wash those blood-soaked hands of yours, Brother. We wish not to promote the spread of germs.

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  1. Trinity... be careful. I'm just as worried for you as you are for me. Both of us are heading into uncharted territory, I think.

    As for Executor, he has said he cannot approach me directly. My protections keep him at bay. I do not know how much you know about shielding your mind or psychic combat, but I can give you pointers there if need be.