Sunday, May 22, 2011


"Parting is such sweet sorrow."

  Not always sweet, Sir Shakespeare. Painful. Such painful sorrow, such empty sorrow, such lonely sorrow. How can parting with those you love be sweet, if knowing that lives are at risk when you reach out for them to return? Sorrow is not sweet if one is not willing to risk lives to save one, now thy who has been taken, unaware of our empty sorrows, life is the one at risk.
  No, not their life. Only their love, their emotion. Thy who has resisted those who wish to harm will never save her soul by merely agreeing to what shall contain her freedom. This may have saved her love from being taken as she physically was, only to create an "example" of such treacherous freaks of nature out of her mind and body.

There was was a story told-
'Bout a beast that's brave and bold.
It wished to break free of chains-
Though every time was maimed.

Finally it cried-
It could not see-
What's right.

Though, through all the pain-
Its faith still remained-

Don't weep, child.

Not that pride and courage left-
The lashes scar and bruise its chest.
Holding in its fists so tight-
Its faith still blazing bright.

When hope had run dry-
A light appeared nearby.

It gave the beast strength-
"Keep holding on,
Till light still remains."

Please don't weep, my child.

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