Saturday, May 21, 2011


  Such joy. Such beautiful happiness like the little sprouting orchids that grow in the nature. Ronald is also content as I am, I have spoken with him early this morning. His smiles are a little bit brighter now, they seem to contain more emotion than they had before. My Brother.
  The embraces were thought to be nothing because they lacked a certain feeling we had not experienced before, although we knew it existed as if our instincts knew it. We were protective of one another emotionally, and we had comforted each other after a painful lashing to the chest. But we had not loved each other - or perhaps we had without knowing it.
  I have seen kisses. Just like Ronald has taught me to program music to myself, he has shown me pictures of those who have no knowledge of Father. They do look so carefree and joyful. More amazing, though, is that they move. They move as if I could be watching them myself, as if I was no longer caged but sitting in the nature, watching these people pass by. It is magical. Ronald has called these "videos". There are different names for them also, like "movies". He is unaware of why they are titled separately from each other, although he seems to believe it would not matter either way.
  These people love. The video people have Siblings, Ronald pointed out, and Mothers and Fathers. They all love one another, they all embrace each other. Ronald showed me a kiss. The little girl's Father knelt down and put his mouth on her cheek, both smiling. I smiled also because I wondered how a kiss would feel. Ronald smiled too when I kissed him, just like the Father had, and he kissed me in return. It almost feels like a flower brushing against my skin. I like kisses very much.


  1. do you care for her then, thiss one in pain?

    do you love?

  2. Yes, Victor. So much, I care for her, my wise Shady. She has cared for me as well, I believe. My life, she has said, is precious to her as well. Shady has been my only company in this lonely place.

    I love. I love greatly. I love Ronald, I love Shady. And I am in pain for my advisor, my Lady of the Shade. You must have known love at one point, haven't you?

  3. Love is the only true emotion. Even hate is only a jealous companion of love.

  4. //I have been called Trinity since my rebirth\\triniTy.

    //I have heard the Siblings refer to me as a "Coder", a name Ronald has claimed to create himself\\C0DER

    //Ronald has showed me what "videos" are, although he has to search for them somehow...I had discovered such a clever way to find them on a program one had created just for this purpose\\Google//

    |\I wish to assist my wise Shady, although I cannot step out from where I am hidden beneath the damp soil of the Earth. A loved one of she who has cared for my well-being is a Sibling to myself, Mystery.\\I wish for you to contact me on the program that provides notification each time one speaks privately with the other.\\

    Is how I have titled myself on the service "Gmail", which is how I wish for you to contact me.