Tuesday, May 24, 2011

//never enough time\

  Never enough time to reach our destinations. Not enough time to land before our Lady is surely taken back captive; her torture will be worse this time if so.

Nevada to New Jersey
Too many miles.
All across the country, Ronald says.
Will not make it in time, I believe.
If not, I shall jump.
I will die.
I cannot die.
If only
If only
If only
If only


  1. Dont jump
    Dont waste your beauty
    Safety first in your travels
    I will live
    Do not rush
    Safety first

  2. Patience...Beauty. Oh, I care for you so, my lovely Shady. Why can there not be a clock which turns time around so that I could find you? I could take care of you. Such a brave girl, you are...I am worried. I am worried, so worried.

    I will wait. I will twitch and peer out windows and rip apart my fingernails, rip out my hair, but I will wait. We will soon arrive.

    Faster, faster, faster, faster, faster, faster, faster, faster!!!!

  3. Shh
    It is ok
    I care for you
    I worry
    I do not want you harmed
    Do not walk into the hot zone unprepared
    Protect yourselves
    Then you can protect others
    You must live
    Precious Trinity
    Precious Ronald
    We take care of each other
    From afar at the moment
    I will not let you walk into death
    Ease your mind
    Executor is being hunted
    His focus diminished
    But the bulletin has been put out
    Others watch
    They see your care
    They will hurt you
    Protect yourselves first
    At all costs
    Precious lives you lead

    Barely slept
    Must get up
    Keep walking
    Find home
    Speak soon
    Be safe
    Precious Trinity
    Precious Ronald
    Do not let your flame burn out
    Stay safe

  4. never despair hah heh hahahaha My Victori rushess forth so ass to tromp the rebellious soul