Friday, May 27, 2011

//the one who wore her face\

  Ronald was very unhappy with me. The ones who sat in the flying ship with us, the ones who pressed buttons and whose voices told us what was going on, did not fancy me I believe. A little thing was tucked into the back of another chair, what to do if an emergency were to happen. It told that the buttons above our heads held masks that would provide air to breathe if this plane was to crash down.
  So I took this device and covered my mouth with it, the ship was sure to head towards ground. I had only been protecting myself, Ronald was too stubborn to join my forces of survival, and the ones who spoke through little boxes took me to another place; a separate room on the ship. 
  Ronald was not pleased. When we left, he looked at me and he had frowned, the wrinkles on his face were deep. 
"Trinity, the plane is a safe place. If you do not feel safe, you tell me, and I will talk to the flight attendants. But you will not, will NOT, jump up on your seat and scream bloody murder again. Do you hear me?"
  Yes, I had replied. But it was not bloody murder I had been shouting. It was "The ship is crashing! Apply your masks so that the force contained inside them may protect you from harm! Do you wish to see your limbs separated from your body? We are all going to die!" Ronald does not listen very well. Had he slept through all this?
  My Brother had said we had not much more money than about fifty dollars. He brought me to another building, this contained many people, and let me sit down while he read a thick paper, coated with plastic. I then began to resume tracking. Shady! I brought Ronald, his hand in mine (he must sweat so very much!), around and out of the place, around many streets and many corners. Our feet had begun to become very sore, though soon we had reached it. Another building. It had begun to erode what seemed to be many years ago, though stable enough still to hold up its roof.
  Inside there was nothing but dirt and mold. Yet I had been correct, this was the location I received as a result of tracking my advisor's place. It was not real. The cake was a lie, after all.
  Outside the one who waited for us to return wore a mask. It wore her mask, and it looked at me. A stick sat nearby, quite conveniently, so I took it and beat the Brother with it. He was fast asleep. I worried if he would become cold, so I laid a few leaves down on him and tucked him in. He will surely sleep well tonight, though Ronald seemed to find me humorous. He praised me and made me sing a lullaby to the poor Brother. I did so, then we left.
  Ronald rewarded me with a treat. "Ice cream", he calls it. It is cold and soft, and turns to water when the little pieces come in contact with my mouth. The ice creams taste very good, Ronald likes them too. He had said that if I were to do another good thing for him, that I would receive more ice creams. I had smiled, and promised to do so. Although guilt came into me, as I only gave my word for my own benefit, and not for my Brother's. He dismissed this.

  I have seen that our lovely Lady is safer now. My dear, sweet, monstrous Brother is hunted by a Beast; he cannot come to my Shady as long as this Beast circles him so. Our Mystery, our ally has been called "missing" now by the others, let us hope he is not in harm's way. Still, we shall make our way towards the place where the lovely Lady resides, and survive for her sake. Shall anything happen...Ronald will become my human shield.
  He is not pleased. He has seen this, but we have laughed. Now my Brother has found a place where we can rest. It is very difficult to lack the alliances that would help in these times; a place to share where we could rest, food shared between "friends", a way of transportation. Though we still must move forward and take whatever we can from what we are give.

The ice creams are not good for my stomach. Ronald laughs at me.

Be careful where you are, my wise advisor. Find those who will help you. Exit the forest when you can and find those who can heal your wounds and house you. Splendid rest to you, Lady of the Shade.

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  1. I may not be able to prove you food or lodging, dear, but I'm here if something arises that you need someone to talk to. Your writings are, indeed, easier to read with time.