Friday, May 27, 2011

//they who do not belong in such cages of metal\

  Ronald took me to a little building after we rested and showed me what waited inside. Such large creatures, such small creatures, they all looked towards me with wide eyes. Feathers covered the ones on my right, furred ones on the left side. The furred ones watched me, some slept silently, some played with another. They all looked so different.
  The feathered beasts were quite ugly, some climbing outside their metal bars. Ronald showed me a bit of seed. "Millet", he called it, and told me the birds liked to eat it. So I fed one, and another began to summon me to it. 
"Alright, I shall share with you both, little beasts of the sky. Why do you not fly from here, feathered creatures? Such majestic creatures."
  All at once, I had run out of this millet and these little beasts began to beg me for more of it. Though soon their begging became rage and their rage became a mix so loud my ears could not cease their ringing! The birds had screamed so loudly that the other creatures began to stir; some awoke from their deep unconsciousness, some looked through the tough glass of their containers to see what the fuss had been about. All eyes stared at me, and I began to feel pressure settling in. How had I become the source of these winged things' distress? Have I caused their hunger and pain?
  Ronald placed his palms against his ears and made a face, while I took the smaller rat-like creatures and did the same; they were much more affective than the flesh of my hands. A man stood there and watched, his voice inaudible above the birds' cries. Now the furred things added to the noise, Ronald almost tugging me out with him. I could not leave these pitiful beasts behind in such a state!
"Dear Brother, do not leave such sad things behind to wallow in their unreasonable sorrow! Give to me what little charity we may offer so that these caged creatures may be awarded with what they so desire! So that they may truly be content with their short lives of disdain!"
  And so he did, which I had taken and bought more of this millet with. Enough for all the winged wild ones, and little treats for the four-legged furred beasts, and for the mice that had been such a convenience to me earlier. I thanked them, and the feathered things let me touch their backs. They are quite friendly when well fed, surprisingly.
  Ronald left with my hand in his and laughed, telling me why he had done so when I asked with curiosity. 
"Most would have left the shop with such a loud noise in their ears, but you stayed and brought back their silent satisfaction. You are a kind soul, Trinity, though I find it amusing the way that you think to resolve a problem."
  My Brother is so very cryptic some days, obvious another. I love him so, though his laughter makes me feel subconscious sometimes.

  Now we shall shut our eyes and rest. Tomorrow, with this left over millet, the wild feathered "pidgins" will be fed to a full stomach, while Ronald shall be showing me more of the nature. How excited am I to be free of chains and shackles. How wonderful the world is when free of Their grasp!

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