Monday, May 30, 2011


What is hidden in the leaves is far beyond my comprehension.
It falls down to the ocean floor, through the deserts, and through my door.
I watch as orange and as red crumble behind the buildings.
Fruits and baskets all of glory wither, above my head.

He watches and amuses as the music passes through my mind.
He smiles and laughs, his lips are thinner, growing weak as days pass us by.

I wish I could help him some how.
But it seems impossible, to even imagine-
Life outside the bars.
Just keep looking beyond, don't let your guard down.

Well I promised. I promised, didn't I?
Why would you think I'd lie?
My voice is soft for your own good! Like rough sandpaper on wood!
You should appreciate! What effort, effort I HATE!

What is hidden in the leaves, is hidden atop those trees.
They have eyes, he tells me, they have eyes that can see.
All that you do, they're watching you.
Keep your eyes ahead, peering without dread.
His life is so unbearable! His life once HELD-

How? How? When? When can we meet? If the trees are watching, then when can we meet?
I miss! I miss your eyes! They're blue, blue and bright. At least I'm told, at least they tell me you're beautiful now.
Can't believe I missed it again! If there was no bridge, could we meet again?
You're face! You're face must be so soft, or is it hard like mine? Do you smile? Do you smile as brightly as you used to? Is your hand a welcoming thing? As it was...before.

You're dead.

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