Tuesday, May 31, 2011


  It has been quite a while since this feeling has gripped at my torso, tugging my inside roughly until they growl at me, pain surging upwards and causing my vision to shift and my legs to tremble. I am hungry.
  Ronald cannot afford such luxuries any longer; he says we have wasted much of our remaining money on little worldly goods. They did not last very long, and this has put a slight frown upon my lips. We have found food where we can, and some kind people have invited us in to eat with them. Although, the edible resources are never as enjoyable as the ice creams.
  I realize that as surviving becomes more difficult here, along with my steady assignment of tracking my lovely Shady's location, I am not able to write here as often as I used to. But no worries! That will not last much longer, if luck is on our side. Victor still chases our dear Brother, and hopefully will catch up soon, keeping him distracted from my Lady. She has received assistance from those that dwell nearby, which fills my heart with a comforting temporary hope. She seems suspicious; I cannot blame her for what my dear Brother has put into her mind.
  Trust was already a difficult skill to achieve for my lovely Shady. This must be such a hard thing to go through...Once we have arrived beside her, we shall help her in every way we are possibly able to!

  But for now, I must put my musical talents to use. Perhaps I will obtain enough slips of green paper to purchase more ice creams.

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