Tuesday, May 31, 2011

//my art\

  Ronald enjoys my art, and suggests that I put it here for my lovely Shady to see; and perhaps Mystery also, if he may return to observe my wonderful talents! My Brother has smiled in such a joyous manner that I must smile with him.
  Do you enjoy my artistic skills as well, my wise advisor? I do wish that you may see this painting, as I have out forth such great effort to please your knowing eyes. 

  She is a woman I know, I know her very well but haven't seen her in such a long time. Ronald recognizes her too; we have both seen her within dreams of anticipation and desire. We have both, together, named this lady Autumn, and we adore her although we do not know why. She is welcoming to us.

  We currently have a place of rest! We have received great edible good that please our tongues, melt in our mouths! The lovely Siblings that stay here with us have treated us with such great kindness, and have rewarded me with ice cream despite my lack of effort towards repaying them. I enjoy their company very much, although Ronald as told me that they find me strange. I do not mind! I have ice creams that may last me a decade!
  Ronald wishes to give a greeting to those who read this. He wishes to hope that Mystery is safe and Shady as well, that they may rest well tonight.


  1. It's beautiful. I couldn't possibly understand anything about it, but still, there's something about it that just...it's amazing.. I draw on occassion, but I've no real eye for art. I've no eye for anything. Figuratively speaking, of course. I've still my eyes.

    Pardon me for blabbering.

    O, if only I knew someone as welcoming.

  2. She's very beautiful! I admire your skill and artwork.

  3. She is wonderful, as you are. I wish only that I could see her eyes.