Thursday, June 2, 2011

//weaving through trees\

  How delightful! My lovely Lady and Mystery have united to survive and found a safe place to stay. And she has ice creams at the building she rests in as well! What a fine day this has been, has it not? I am so pleased.
  Ronald now has a frown occupying his face, which does not affect my positive mood, although I am curious. He does not wish to leave just yet, or so he has told me.
"But we must, my dear Ronald! We must go and see them now, for they are so nearby, and we will not need to travel far, Brother. We will bring them ice creams and share, and watch movies, and talk to one another! I cannot wait, and you mustn't either, Ronald."
  He is not pleased, but this does not matter. I know where they stay now, and soon we will see them. I will see my Shady's lovely face and perhaps she will embrace me when I reach her domain. I very much hope so, and perhaps Mystery will welcome me as well. They are so kind to me...I hope they do let us stay. I will try not to consume their entire supply of ice creams. It seems I've made my own mouth water - I am curious as to which flavors they have purchased? They are all very tasty, nevertheless.

  Now we head in the direction of the lovely pair; we will reach them in no time at all. Ronald looks hesitant, I am worried for him. Nervous may be the correct word for his expressions now...I do hope he feels better when we join our Siblings. Oh, how excited I am!
  Weaving through trees, through brush and shrub and branch, to the place where our love hides.


  1. Maybe Ronald's not sure of his reception. We only ever hear from you here and through comments, and only of him through you. So he hardly knows us beyond what you've told him, and we barely know him. It's reasonable for him to be anxious about meeting us when all he's ever known is that other place, and the only trust he's ever known is with you. Tell him you will both be welcome when you arrive. If you trust him, I trust him.

  2. Oh course! Although, he does not seem so reassured of your statement, Brother...He seems nervous still. But, like you have said, I suppose this is not to be worried about! Surely he will become more comfortable over time, hmm?

    I am so glad, Mystery. Thank you, and I hope you are safe until we arrive. I have brought a weapon for emergencies; I will not allow anyone to come close to the two of you again. Do you have an alarm installed where you stay?

  3. What I have is better than an alarm, but I will try to show you when you come.

  4. How splendid, a surprise! I am far too excited, Brother! I will bring you both a gift.

  5. Plenty of ice cream, there is a small store up the street from me that we can buy more at too. Darling Trinity, Mystery says the truth. Your brother is welcomed as much as you are. We will do what we can to ease your brother, we don't want him in any discomfort.

    I'll start putting together some cots for you two, make a nice comfy place for you guys to rest.

    Be warned, Mr. Sunshine is with us now. He is... A dash aggressive and does not know his own strength, but has yet to attack us in the means to harm us. He is secured for now, I suggest you two when you arrive just avoid him until we can get some more answers.

    Stay safe, my lovelies. I look forward to seeing you both. And yes, you will be welcomed with an embrace, my dear.