Thursday, May 19, 2011

ononon the table table hesat whwhere where i lastlasthad seen himss sitsit and he tooktooktook tht he wewea pon inin ITIT WWA WAS TIGHTLY GRASP GRASPED IN IN IN IN IN HIHIHIS FISFISS T

""""""car car rve it" he sa says ,,hihi s vio voice mir mere mre merely a f whissper> i cuhcou ld could nt not hearhearhear his voe voice above he t the nise noinoise

ii i ma am hyhis DUDAUGHTE DAUGHTER nn and u i isam his SS HIS SUN SON
ica carv i carved it ito into the tablewhich on which hehd he had priprevi previously benben BENBENBEN BEN!! been sti sitti sittingasitting,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, b bu butbut hd had now lftedlift lifted hmselvhimhim himself frumfroom from.::
my fa my NO fathernofather FATHER! fat my fatheris father's simbowlsisim symbol ha hadhad ben ca BENBENBENBEN symbol hdhad been cavedcar carved INOINT INTO the talbet tatable now.


promise this a secret?you know iwould keep anysecret of yours, darling. i know you woukd.i think i understand now. understand whta??//////////00/ithink i understadunderunder understand LOVE


  1. suffer those children these sins of the Fathers.

    i failed you and so manyy otherss.
    not long now.

  2. Not long at all, Victor.

    That little mask you wear. I must have seen you.
    I shall be looking forward to the next time we meet outside the cage, then.

    We all have failed.