Tuesday, June 7, 2011

//a follower\

  We needed ice creams. I had already eaten half our week's supply, and I could not bear peering into the frozen box and witnessing so many disappeared packages of the delicious solids. Ronald went with me to the place where food was kept, and purchased more ice creams; only two packages, different flavors than before, though I did not argue.
  Ronald went up to a desk to give a woman slips of paper in exchange for the ice creams, so I was allowed to look in an aisle as long as I came back when he had completed his duty. I did so, recognizing one specific narrow passage filled with many arrays of colorful wrappers and heavy bags. Many packed shelves of candy bars I walked among, all filling my nostrils with a splendid scent. A Butterfingered bar sat at the top row, which I reached for. I had not noticed another young boy beside me, who extended his hand above my head and took it down, placing it into my cupped fingers. I smiled at him, though he did not return the friendly expression...His eyes scanned over my face and caused an uncomfortable feeling to churn in my stomach. I said thank you to him and left with Ronald.
  My Brother carried the bags of ice creams, as I was too busy glancing behind us at the boy who was now casually following, hands within pockets. He was not very close, though every few moments he looked at me, then looking around again. I was awfully frightened. I thought about him being a Sibling, and whispered into Ronald's ear. He began watching the boy, too.
  When we began walking towards the forest, the boy had not yet gone away. And when we stepped into the trees, he still followed, yet at times would disappear and reappear again slightly hidden behind large objects. Once he stopped and went inside a building. Ronald took my hand and began walking at a quicker pace, until I saw half the boy's face staring through a window. Then we ran.
  Finally, back to the place of rest we came. I told Mystery and Shady about the stalker, yet Ronald said nothing as usual. I have not seen him since, though I am afraid he may have found out where we sleep...

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