Thursday, June 16, 2011

//a ray that rips through darkness\

  Ronald and I were playing a game in the nature when the sounds of big commotions were heard. Ronald made me stay in the grass while he stepped inside, then back out, holding me close to him and becoming tense all through his limbs. I was not frightened, yet he would not tell me why I was to sit so silently and stiffly.
  He saw a little ship in the sky and brought me to it, his face like an angry bull animal's. Shady was there, and much blood coated her like a jacket; as well as Mystery, who had some splatters too. I smiled at my Ladies, though they did not smile back...I had assumed something frightening must have happened, hence the bloodied clothing and Sunshine seeming as if he had just gone out and played a game of 'hide and eat' with various defenseless little children. He makes me very afraid sometimes.
  I was later told what happened by my Ladies...Ronald has not spoke much, and I have also noticed the look of anger against they who have sheltered and fed us. I do not understand why he is so unhappy currently. Perhaps because Sunshine enjoys to follow him and growl. They almost fought each other once, though Shady tore them apart and did not allow them near each other for the remainder of that day. I worry for my sweet Brother, though I worry for the hairy man as well...
  I tried to give him a treat, but he would not take it as I was in the room. So I left, hid behind a corner, and waited for quite a while until Sunshine took it and scampered off to enjoy it. I was happy, I had tried to give him a stroke to the head another time, although then he had growled and almost caused tears to come from my eyes; which were now blurry from fear. I had remembered seeing the blood on him and not knowing where it came from until I was given the story, which reminded me that it could have been myself or Ronald, or even Mystery and my Lady. I will stay farther away this time, I told myself.

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