Friday, June 24, 2011

//paranoia lingers\

  I grow more cautious each day, for now strange things have begun to occur in this place of rest. Ronald sleeps away from all of us, though he has from the first day we arrived, but now he acts different. He seems to dislike my Ladies, as I see him scowl and sneer when they pass him. Mister Sunshine enjoys to prowl about the building, especially following my lovely Shady or Ronald. He seems protective of Shady...and suspicious of my dear Brother. The furry man's company does not please him, though. This worries me.
  As for the odd goings-on, I have a theory that they could, possibly, be just my imagination causing me to become paranoid. Of course, I would never think these to be set up by my dear Ladies, nor of my sweet Brother Ronald...Sunshine does not give me the feeling of suspicion, though I have been watching him closely, as is Ronald.
  The door became loose and fell. It's hinges were very loose as well, which is what caused it to be so easily pulled to the Earth by gravity. I was caught beneath it by my ankle, which now hurts very much, but I am still able to walk. I still limp, but I can walk. I have given much thought to what could have loosened the door hinges, though nothing seems to make sense to me. The Ladies believe that, since this place is very old and eroded, it was merely those two factors that pulled the door down. That could possibly be the answer...With the Siblings angered by my lovely Shady's escape, and with Father always prowling about, would you not put much effort into making sure that it is not one who serves Him that has caused damage to us?
  Ronald seems very angry at my Sisters that this has happened, although it is not their fault that I am injured. They tend to me when I call for it, and make sure all other doors are tightly connected and unable to fall on my feet again. Sunshine growls at my Brother...

  Aside from such confusing events, excitement lingers as well! I will leave soon with my dear Ronald to harvest more ice creams to celebrate a visit from another Lady of ours. I do hope she stays; she seems so very kind and gentle.

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