Tuesday, June 28, 2011

//a silent guest\

  I speak the truth when I say this: Lullaby frightens me. 
  At first, I wished to welcome her with tender care, perhaps provide this new Sister of ours with some ice creams and let her even borrow my tire swing if she wished. Though, now, I am beginning to become more cautious around the resting place while I walk alone, even if she is not nearby. I am still curious, I sometimes think that perhaps if I were to go to the place she is kept and comfort her, we would be friends or something similar, and I would have some sense of protection. It is like the Siblings were, how they ranked, that got them protection from the lashings...Some were closer in relationship to Father, and therefore they were not punished as often and as harshly as those like me - the Caged Ones - were.
  Lullaby is the Dollmaker, which is confusing when I truly think hard about it, but...I believe she is the one who killed the one called Jessica, or something along those lines, and I am fully aware that Lullaby is she who attacked my Lady Mystery. But how did this evil thing enter her body, and cause her to forget what she does, after she has done it? Actually, I would prefer not to think about it so much, for I always tend to become extremely frustrated and angry...I wish these answers could possibly come in a less difficult manner.
  Our Lady Mystery has told me something about her plan for a ritual, although not all of it. I respect her decision, of course, as I would most likely do the same. I hope to go out and help obtain whatever it is that Mystery will need for this cleansing ritual, so that I can be called a helper. Maybe the Insomniac Lullaby will be thankful to me once the virus is gone away from her forever.
  Ronald and I are going out to get some things for our mysterious Lady now. I am excited to help.

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