Wednesday, June 29, 2011

//almost six\

  I miss my Lady so very much, and I feel quite lonely at night, even though Mystery is here with me as well, and Ronald too. Although, even so this building seems much more empty without our wise adviser around. Perhaps when she arrives here once again, my Brother and Sister will allow me to make a surprise party for her. I just hope that she does not find out, for that would spoil it, hmm?
  Now two more will come to join us, causing our four residents to become five, and once our Shady returns we will be six. I do also have much faith that this dark Lullaby will become light again and join us upstairs to be happy, like we were when Ronald and I first came to this resting place. Sometimes I cry now, because these days are scarier than I had hoped them to be. My Lady Mystery tried to hide things from me, that she believes will only endanger me, but some I discover and become even more frightened about...If the Dollmaker was somehow freed from that which she has possibly been trapped inside, could she come and kill me like she did that girl called Jessica? Would she have reason to?
  I was happy to help Mystery in her ritual preparation. The task given to me was to braid a little crown of violet flowers. I thought it was very pretty, which did not seem to fit with the tense situation, though I did it without reluctance nonetheless. Mystery had told me, very specifically, what she wished for me to do and exactly how I should - these instructions I followed very carefully and surely, for I greatly wished to heal the Insomniac Lullaby too. Although...once I had begun, with my sweet Brother sitting beside me as company, Ronald began suggesting ways to make the circlet prettier. Some of them, I thought, were very pleasant ideas, and would indeed improve the look of the accessory in my hands. I would not doubt for a moment my Brother's taste in these things, but I remembered everything my Lady told me, and how it was extremely important that I did not make any mistakes. Would it be a mistake to make the crown beautiful?
  I decided against it, telling Ronald exactly what Mystery told me, and he nodded. I think he understood. He wanted to take turns, which I allowed, and he did only what was permitted. He did not attempt to add any extras to it. I believe he just wished to have fun with his little Sister while making crafts, but this one was very important. On our next round to the ice creams place, we can stop by a crafts store to get some jewelry things. He will like that very much. Ronald has also taught me of a shortcut to the place of rest, away from our usual path. It does seem to take less time than the other route, which I am happy for; I can spend more time at home with Mystery. He told me not to go our usual way now, especially without him there with me. He also suggested that if I go with Mystery or Shady, or whoever else might be around to take me out somewhere, that I let them walk ahead of me, for if anything happened to me, Ronald would never be happy again. Sometimes my Brother is very silly. How would being in front affect me anyway? I asked him this, and he merely said, "Just don't stray ahead of the adults, Trinity."

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