Friday, July 1, 2011

//a helpful hand\

  I truly do wish to become friends with this lost Lullaby, therefore I tried to assist her by unchaining the poor Song and releasing her so that she could regain her strength with waters and food. I even let her eat some of my ice creams as well, but she did not have much other than a little nibble. The ice creams began to melt earlier, although that it another, long story, that I will tell you later if you wish me to.
  She seemed quite fearful once she was let out, though she seemed to trust me at least a small bit. I saw that her sustenance was removed from her Cage, so that is why I made the decision not to let Lullaby starve. She had told me that someone must have taken the foods from her...I thought, perhaps she ate it all and forgot. Or maybe, I thought while laughing, that her little doll ate it instead. Lady Lullaby gave me an odd look when I giggled, so I told her my thoughts, but she did not find them as humorous as I had.
  I suggested that she may go outside with me, and that she could borrow my tire swing if she desired, for sunlight helps you stay healthy. She did, exiting from where the garden began, where my Lady Mystery was sitting. Lullaby did not seem as if she wished to visit the woman in the soil, as she froze very still and seemed as if she was about to run the other way. Mystery did not want her to escape her Cage...Although, I also released her because I used to be trapped like she was...Sympathy was the emotion I felt, I believe. Anyway, now she will get better.


  1. a cage is no place for a child
    chains do not comfort
    suffering does not contain
    i would see you free
    for the kindness you shewn unto me
    the worst iss yet to

  2. are so very unique. You are beautiful, a Caged jungle bird.

    Do you have something planned for me, Victor?

  3. i will save them, the little ones of here and of now.
    i will hurt and i will murder and i will weep for the pain i must inflict.
    i will not fail again.
    yes trinity, what was stolen must be returned. or this will never end.

  4. What was stolen, dear Victor? Was it life, happiness?