Wednesday, July 6, 2011

//and now we cry\

  They have taken Mystery, so I cry in my hammock alone because both of my Ladies are gone and Ronald will not let me outside. The man named Drake is blind and he frightens me just a bit. Ecko, I do not acknowledge much, because I am too busy trying to help my Lady Lullaby feel comfortable here. I am trying to be her friend; I think I am doing fair as of now.
  Mystery said she saw someone like me outside, did she not? And now Ronald confirms it to me...he has also seen me outside. But he says not to worry. I cannot help but worry! Now I can hear my own name being called out to me - not by my Brother, my only last Lady, or by the two Sirs. 
"Carrie...Care-bear. Hehehe!"
  I'm scared Shady I'm so scared please come back! You just left me why must you leave again now

It's like I'm in my Cage all over again. I might as well just stop living.

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  1. It's alright, Trinity. I am sorry for leaving you but Mystery needed help and I couldn't afford anyone else in danger. You were safe along with your brother and that means much more to me. I am sorry for leaving you for the night and a chunk of the morning, but we are home now. I see you quite clearly and your hugs.

    I won't leave you, even if we are separated briefly. I'll always find my way back to you, dear. I promise.