Thursday, August 4, 2011


  Why would he betray me like that? I thought he cared for us...The way he spoke, and reassured, in his own way. I thought he was going to become my friend. That maybe he would come to live with us like Dollmaker has. That he could change.
  He took Shady. Did I not say something bad was bound to happen? He, Victor, would be the cause of it, and yet he reassured me...How can he live with himself? He kills, but he seems just guilty enough to make friends that care for him. He knows what he is doing, yet he seems to ignore it, or be so sorry afterward...Like someone has forced him...But, can't he just stop? Now I do not even know where my Lady is. She's left me again, but this time it's Victor's fault. Next time he shows his filthy ugly face anywhere near us, I swear I will do something terrible. I'll...I'll slap him! No...I'll step on his feet! Or something...I promise no good will come to him.
  I know Shady will be okay. Does that sound odd coming from me? For some reason I am certain that she won't be hurt - at least not very badly. I remember Victor saying he would teach her something? Would he teach her to fight? To protect herself? Whatever it is, he won't be cruel to her...My Lady.

Be safe.


  1. a monster i am, lest a monster you become trinity.
    there simply is no other way

    would that i were strong enough to bestow mercy, the Dark Queen would already be dead
    but i am
    i am weak, i cannot. anymore than i could save you as such.

    a Father loves. it is eternal.
    that is the true tragedy of us all.

  2. So according to you, to be merciful would be to kill my Lady? What mercy is that, if she cannot accept your offer? I suppose I could agree, that I would rather have not been born than have been born into a life like this, but now that she has lived, she's created bonds with us - and with you. To die, no matter how much more pleasant it would be that way, would mean she must leave those she loves to fend for themselves, and suffer by themselves.
    If you planned to eliminate one of us, I'd ask you to please at least eliminate the others. Because one of us can't live without the other.

  3. if my heart were strong and could bear the breaking
    i would have shewn mercy to you all.

    that mercy that was not shewn unto me. my wife. my daughter.
    my life.

    if you knew what was coming. you would beg me for it.

    all that you have seen, a facade. for hunger and darkness, empty night that dreams true death
    of life.
    it comes for uss all.

  4. Victor...I'm sorry. I didn't know.

    Whatever it is that comes for us, if it would mean the death of them, I would rather die fighting than beg to be murdered, if it would mean that I would break my savior's heart.

    Victor. You remind me in many ways of my Lady...And of Ronald. Even so, I try my best to understand you, though my mind is not wise enough, my heart has not suffered enough. I'm sorry, dear Brother.

  5. you would not die fighting.
    you would die screaming in the darkness
    as it eats you slowly.

    we are as no thing next to empty night.
    maggots have no hope to fight men, no more so we, it.

    you have only seen fragments, aspects who come ahead.
    you have brushed against its dreaming and see how it has done?

    i must be a monster. to slow it down. i must do monstrous things.
    it knows and it caress not.
    i would weep but there are no tears left in my eyes. my heart. or even my soul.

  6. You'll make me lose faith now, Victor. Why must you taint all I have left? Take my Lady, tell me there is nothing left to do but die. It may be the truth, which you know, but the only reason I do stay even the slightest bit sane is because of this hope I keep.