Sunday, August 7, 2011


  I feel much better than I did the last time I posted. It is not as though I do not miss my Lady...I do. I still worry for her every moment. Although, I have been trying to keep myself occupied and somewhat happy.
  I requested that Lullaby make a doll for me yesterday. She said she would find time to make it, though it may take her a while; she does not know how long yet. 
"What do you want it to look like, Trina?"
"Well...It will be black, with long white hair, and button eyes."
  I'm very excited to see it, when it is done. I am still thinking of a name for it. Maybe one will come to me once I finally get it. Thank you, Lullaby.
  I suppose the Dollmaker will have a friend now.

  Yesterday I saw a post on Prosper's blog...I think he is going to attack us. Now...I am so glad Victor took my Lady away, for if she is still absent when he does - if he does - she won't get hurt. Now I think, what if that is what he planned? I would not blame if it is was. She's shown him so much kindness - much more than I ever did. He probably knew something was coming, so he chose to save Shady.
  Does that mean he would not want to save me? Does he not like me...


  1. Making the doll is not a problem Trinity, its a past time. I am enjoying making it and I should finish it up in two days as I have a few little matters to attend to.

    I really hope you like it

  2. Your doll sounds like a drow. :)

    As for Prosper, he would be wise not to let me see him again.

  3. i will not let him harm her.

    or you.
    trust in the strength of mystery
    she will not fail you
    i cannot be everywhere at once.