Monday, August 8, 2011

//my Lady - Victor\

  I wonder how Shady is doing.
  This is much different from the time the Executor took her. Then, I was able to see just what was going on there...I hated it, of course. I hated being able to see such horrible things being done to her, my lovely Lady...Now, although I know it is not torture - at least not physically - I still cannot read how she is. If she is injured at all. If she is feeling sad or angry or happy. Surely she is not, though...not happy if we are left alone, unprotected. She would want to be here with us, now that Mystery has been hurt and shaken by her fight with Prosper, and now that Lucas is in such rivalry with Dollmaker.
  Timothy and I are doing fine so far. Drake and Ecko are too, I believe. I have not seen them around recently, but I was not told whether they have left anywhere or not. I assume they are just busy, making their new lives here comfortable and at least enjoyable while we are not being threatened by the Siblings. I have been watching closely the activities on our enemies blogs, checking any hints that they might be planning anything. I am sure the rest of us are too, though, so we shall all be aware of any changes, or signs of danger.

  Victor, if you would do me a great favor, I would like to ask that you give my Lady a message. I am not sure whether you will even do so for me, though I might as well try. Here is my message:
Hello Shady. It is Trina. I just wanted to let you know that we are all doing fine, although we do miss you very much. I know that wherever you are, you are doing fine on your own, because you are very strong and courageous. Mystery is protecting us just like you would. She is being a very good caretaker to us all. Lucas is also being helpful, or at least I trust he is. I am sure you miss us too, but we will stay strong and be patient until you are returned to us. My Lady, no matter how unsure and how frightened you may become, I will always be thinking and fighting for you. We all will.

Trina <3

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