Tuesday, August 16, 2011


  There are so many things I feel right now! I am joyful, I am happy, I am hopeful! I love my Lady, and she is back! My Ladies are all here. Mystery, Shady, Lullaby! I suggest that we all have an ice creams party, and Timothy, Lucas, Drake, and Ecko can come too. We will have triple chocolate ice creams in cones, with whipped cream on top and sprinkles and cherries! Unless the others do not like cherries...I only like them on ice creams.
  The storms kept us up. Mystery was very nervous I believe, as she kept jumping more than I at each sound of thunder. I was feeling uncomfortable as well, though...I think of all the Siblings that could be watching us...hidden. It makes me worry too much.

  I made gifts for everyone. I will keep them hidden until the ice creams party. There is one for my Lady, Lullaby, Mystery, Liam, Drake and Ecko, and...there is also one for Victor. I realize that they are not the best, but Ronald said that the best gifts are made by the hands of the giver. That was the time when I drew him a picture of the nature with a little box of crayons he gave to me. He did not make those...although he gave them to me so that I could make something of them. I had to hide them under my clothing in the Cage or the Siblings would take them away and lash us. Ronald...He liked the picture.
  He still had it when we buried him. He kept it in his pocket. It never wrinkled.


  1. The best gifts are made from hand, yes. Flowers hand picked, a picture drawn, a craft made. It means more to know you took the time to make such yourself.

    I look forward to a little gathering for ice cream and seeing the little treasures you made for everyone. Perhaps we can get precious Victor to take his.

    Ah, good to be back, beautiful Trinity.

  2. I miss ya, Trina. I know you're alright, but I worry when my friends don't update for a long time. Are you happy? Are you scared? I'm sorry for worrying, dear. I can't help it.