Tuesday, August 30, 2011



  I am doing quite fine, my Lady. I have been enjoying this time of relaxation...
  I have met you too. It has been a great gift to me...all the friends I have made, new Siblings I've gained. This life is difficult, but there are many joys that hide among the sorrows and fear that we know so well/ I must let you know that although now we are enjoying this time together, I am still very cautious of what may lay ahead of us. So many eyes are watching us, or more specifically Mystery and Shady...I know that they are just waiting for a moment of vulnerability, a moment to strike. It frightens me, Sister...Although I feel much better knowing you are not here, where all the trouble brews.

  Lady Lullaby did my face the other day. She made me beautiful, just like Shady. I wondered if Mystery would allow me to make my hair colorful like my Lady's...I would prefer a faint shade of blue, though, instead of purple. I think I would look just as lovely as my Ladies...They are the most gorgeous women in the whole world, Dia! I am sure you are beautiful as well. Just like your heart and your wisdom.

  I have not mentioned this in a while since it has happened, but Lullaby made me a doll, just like the Dollmaker, just darker. I have named her 'Rodi'. She's a very pretty girl. Lullaby does hard work for us all, despite all that's happened to her in the past. She has a kind soul. I used to be frightened of her when the Dollmaker lived inside of her, but now I see that she is quite pleasant. I've discovered what best friendship really is with her. I love her dearly.
  I hope that you fair well, dear Sister. You are kind, and do not deserve to be treated badly. That is why, if anyone shall ever make you feel unsafe, or threaten you, it would be my pleasure to personally bring a painful end to them. I feel that it is my duty to protect my Ladies, and all my friends. All who have shown kindness to me.

I wish I had more to talk about...Although this is all that has really happened since I last posted. We have been trying to ignore the bad things, and continue with our lives. I've been trying so hard to do what my precious Shady says, to be a child again. I wish you could come to visit us...

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  1. You don't need to be an adult yet. You are a favorite of mine, a friend, and yes, I wish I could visit you.

    I'm taking a break from the mean people for a while, and I'm going to play a game at the same time. If you want to come play, or just talk, don't think it just has to be to comment about what's going on. I'd be more than happy to have a normal conversation with you while I'm playing my game.

    I would protect you, if I knew how. I'm trying to change things, not just for me, but for various other situations. I hope I can.

    For now, be safe. May you days be many and your troubles few, Trina.