Friday, September 2, 2011


  I know this is not good...I know I might be crazy. No...No, I am crazy. I already know that much. I've been crazy ever since I got here. I just wouldn't say it. I'm sure Ronald knew it too, as does Shady and the others. Of course, aren't we all really crazy? I know my adviser is...I'm pretty sure Lullaby is too. I hope she doesn't get mad I'm saying this, though.
  The point I'm trying to get to is that...I heard something earlier this evening. Sort of like a whisper. I thought it was just me...But I don't know anymore. I could tell it was a woman's, or maybe a girl's, voice.


  I'm always paranoid, so I spun around, looked everywhere. Then grabbed my "toy" from its secret place.

i'll be seeing you soon...

  It didn't come from one place...It was sort of all over the room. I couldn't figure it out so I got my toy ready and stood still.

you'll meet my friends. hope you don't die before then...hehe...

  I didn't even call out at this point.

my name's Threnody. not that it matters much. labels don't have much meaning in the end, do they? whether it's George or Julie or's always the same, anyway.

  It wasn't anyone I knew. I got ready to attack it...The voice was coming closer. This was weird...But I thought I saw someone outside on the swing.

but whatever. you'll see, thatch. they'll be coming when you need them. when you feel them. Sybil's looking forward to your visit a lot...until then...

  Then it just faded. I don't know...what happened. Who's Sybil? Threnody? I'm so confused...I don't want to tell my Ladies, but I'm sure they'll see this anyway. They'll think I'm crazy. But who cares anyway? I am crazy. 

She was right. What does it matter anyway when I know how things will end? How they always end...


  1. Darn it Trinity! Tell them right freaking now, or I will.

  2. They'll see this anyway. Why are you so concerned? Why does it even matter whether they know or not? How does it change anything...

  3. Because, I don't know, they could HELP?!

  4. I don't need HELP, Dia. No one can HELP something inevitable. This was bound to happen some day. Going from a Cage, to a house full of insanely paranoid people surrounded by Proxies just waiting to attack. Then losing Ronald, finding out I actually didn't kill Tim. Not even knowing where my parents are...I could've killed them to.