Tuesday, September 20, 2011

//bye bye Haven\

  I found him. No...no, I didn't find him. Not yet, at least. But I will, soon enough. I've been searching for him, for Timothy, and at last! I found it...A blog, belonging to someone named Candle...There it is, clear as day. It even mentions his name...
  This is a message to you - Lucas, Shady, Mystery, Lullaby, Dia...all my Ladies, all my Siblings. I've left the Haven, but not forever. Well, maybe, if that's how long it takes to get Timmy back. Listen...you probably don't find my decisions very practical. Neither do I right. Not really. But Timothy spent four year, four whole years just trying to find me. Carol Thatcher. The one who tried to kill him. Well now it's time for me to find him. Because, like I always say, I hate feelings helpless.
  Lullaby, you're probably wondering where your $30 went. Sorry, but I had to...um, borrow it, for a while. I promise I will pay you back once I return. Actually, though, at first I was thinking of only taking $20. You know, as a joke...But I figured that really wouldn't help much.
  I hadn't told any of you this yet, but I've been hiding a gun in my room. It used to be Ron's. He taught me how to use it once, and told me only to take it when I really need it. I'm going to assume this counts.

  So where am I going? Remember when I used to work for the Siblings, for Father? They called me a Coder; I hacked, downloaded information. I was pretty good at it. So it didn't take much time to track down what computer Candle's posts came from. Some motel, not far from here. That's my first destination. I'll look around the place - hell, I might even break into their room and rummage around in there for a while. I just hope I'll find something that might tell me where they're keeping Timmy.

  My Ladies...expect phone calls, blog posts and messages to let you know I'm okay. Please don't let those MASC men come after me. I have to do this. I love Tim. More than anything. Dia...he is my Prince. The one who forgave me, came for me. Now, it's my turn to come for him.

I love you all.
Wish me luck.



  1. Trinity, I understand and I am not angry. Just worried. If you need help you know you can contact us already. You're smart, though, no doubt capable. Just be safe, find Tim, and hopefully find somewhere safe or come back, something. Please keep us updated.

    Don't worry, Trinity, we'll keep those soldiers good and busy for you, dear.

  2. I do wish you luck. Be safe in your travels, you are smart and capable. I know that you will succeed.